Join the Partners for Environmental Justice (PEJ) and create change in the Walnut Creek Watershed!

Southeast Raleigh based Partners for Environmental Justice (PEJ) created the Raleigh Watershed Learning Network (RWLN). This watershed education program will inspire participants to gain knowledge and skills to develop sustainable solutions and take action in their communities and watershed. Classes will be Saturdays, February 27 – April 10.

The primary objectives of this program is to educate participants about various topics such as stormwater management, green infrastructure and environmental justice while making the connections about why these topics are important to them and their communities, and to provide participants with the tools to become more informed advocates/stakeholders and be empowered to have a voice/take action in protecting the integrity of their communities.

● Connect and learn with professionals and peers

● Gain skills to address local water quality and stormwater challenges from equitable, sustainable, holistic, and resilient perspectives

● Create and implement an individual project in your neighborhood using what you learned

● Become a change agent and advocate for the restoration and protection of your watershed

Key Dates and Facts

— Jan 29: Application deadline

— Feb 27: classes begin

— April 10: final session

— Applicants who are selected to participate will be compensated for their time with up to a $400 stipend

Apply online though PEJ’s website in the Get Involved section: View the flyer here.