The Saint Ambrose Labyrinth is a Christian meditation tool. Saint Ambrose completed the labyrinth in March 2022 after receiving a
Creation Care grant from The Episcopal Church for a three phase project called the Healing Pod. The Healing Pod exists to reveal,
refresh, and revive. Our podcast will reveal and report stories concerning Saint Ambrose’s response to environmental injustice in
Raleigh’s Black communities. Our walking meditation and prayer garden will refresh spirits. Our therapeutic and restorative gardens will
revive mind, body, and soul by bringing nature’s healing elements directly to the community.

The Saint Ambrose Labyrinth has several unique features. The Ethiopian Orthodox Cross inspired the shape. Ethiopian Christianity is
an integral part of the worship life at Saint Ambrose as it is an example of Indigenious African Chrsitianity, which is Christianity in
Africa before European colonists.

The lobes shapes on the labyrinth reflect the Ethiopian wanfit or sieve design, which reflects the African influence on Celtic braiding.
This symbol gives a nod to the mandorla shape, which is the shape of resurrection and transformation. Each node has a scripture
passage or religious saying on a circle plate in the node’s center.

The labyrinth is wide, meaning that individuals in a wheelchair or walker can navigate the path. The contrast between the path’s darker
gravel and the lighter brick outlining the path means the individual may walk the labyrinth while looking up. Many labyrinths circuits are
narrow, meaning the individual must look down in order to navigate the labyrinth. The wider path and contrasting path/outline colors
means it is possible to walk while looking up, using peripheral vision to stay on the path. This is a one circuit labyrinth meaning the
individual may walk the entire labyrinth as many times as one chooses before entering the center.

The labyrinth is in the floodplain. The labyrinth does not have any impervious surfaces meaning that rain water is soaked into the
ground and diverted from flowing into Walnut Creek.

Sermon about the Labyrinth

2022 Easter Sunrise Timelapse Video

Labyrinth Ground Breaking and Blessing

Bishop Rodman Blessing the Labyrinth

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