Thank you to all who participated in the 2021 Vestry Nominations. Let’s introduce the class of 2023 vestry members! We are grateful for George Jones, Jr., Kendra Paiz, Yeshimabet Flanagan, and Paul Flanagan. A big thank you to Karyn Thomas as well, our new treasurer!

George Jones, Jr.
“I’m very interested in supporting the growth and vision of St. Ambrose and the leadership team of the Church”
Yeshimabet Flanagan
“To continue to serve to the best of my ability.”

Kendra Paiz
“I believe serving on the Vestry would allow me to bring my perspective as a nonprofit management executive, person who has serves in my community as well as my past church leadership experience to further the mission of St. Ambrose.”

Paul Flanagan

“I have the great privilege to have been asked to serve. Having served on the vestry previously, this is not a decision that I take lightly. I know that commitment and faithfulness are central to serving–I offer this and the words of my fellow St. Ambrosian to support my candidacy. I pray that all that stand and all that will service will be ready and able for such a time as this…”

Karyn Thomas, Treasurer
“Why I decided to answer the call to be St. Ambrose’s church treasurer?
Serving as our parish’s treasurer is an honor and I am humbled to have been asked to serve our community.
After being asked by Fr. Taylor to consider serving, I had to consult with my spouse and more importantly, seek God’s direction. After much prayer and advice from good counsel, I accepted this responsibility which I do not take lightly.
It is my desire to serve openly, responsibly, and cheerfully as I handle the duties entrusted by the rector, vestry, and parish community. I will work faithfully to fulfill my fiduciary responsibilities and very closely with the business manager, Susan Steele in service that ensures transparency in all matters concerning the church’s finances.”