As we continue to battle the global pandemic of COVID-19 and its impact on our church family and our community; as we face the anxiety of returning to school and work; and as we embrace our new normal as a society, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the goodness in life.  It is important during times of crisis to shift our perspectives and recognize that the source of that goodness comes from God. Let us seek God, full of peace and power, and implore Him to calm this storm.

We should ask ourselves how we can be good stewards during this time of uncertainty and anxiety.  For example, can we–

  • Check in on each other, especially those who might fall into a high-risk group or live alone.
  • Help our church family and community through “time and talent.”
  • Drop a note or email to thank/recognize someone or to just say “hello.’
  • Remember your pledge.  Are you on schedule?  During our physical absence from our church building, we might forget about our pledge payments.  While some of our expenses are lessened by our physical absence from the building, there still are bills that must be paid.  If you are not up to date on your pledge commitment, please consider catching up during this time. 

We realize that some members may have changes in their employment and/or financial status.  Our prayers are with our church family members who have been affected by these challenging times and we understand that there may be changes in your pledge commitment. 

May God bless you and we look forward to the day we can be together again.