Swing Low, Sweet Chariot


“Swing Low, Sweet Chariot is a piece of art by Ashley Bryan. It is located at the St. Ambrose Choir Room. This piece was inspired by the Negro Spiritual and 2 Kings: 2.

This artwork was the gift of Mrs. Ruth Hoffman, Minister of Music (2013-2018.)

Our Sermons

While preaching one Sunday, Father Jemonde Taylor held up a newspaper in his left hand, saying, “This is news.” He then held up a Bible, saying, “And this is Good News.”

This illustration points to the Reverend Jemonde Taylor’s preaching philosophy. He looks to current and world events with the goal of helping others see the gospel of Jesus Christ. You may listen to sermons at Saint Ambrose by using the playlist below or click the PLAY button for additional details.

Saint Ambrose Episcopal Church is a welcoming community that gives worship to God, receives wisdom from God, and works alongside God to move the city of Raleigh.