St. Ambrose’s Episcopal Church Women (ECW)

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13

Episcopal Church Women’s Prayer

Almighty God, we pray that You will bless our work in mission and ministry in the world. Help us pray fervently, labor diligently and give liberally to make known the power of your love given through your Son Jesus Christ. Let us not forget the lessons from the hearts as we reflect your light throughout the world. – Amen.

Where We Started

The Episcopal Church Women (ECW) was established at the national level in 1871, and has championed women’s rights and the Christian foundation of God and family. We are a ministry of the Episcopal Church and celebrate that Episcopalians believe in a loving, liberating, and life-giving God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

ECW was established at St. Ambrose in 1956 and has a long tradition of church and community service.

Who We Are

The ministry of the Episcopal Church Women (ECW) is dedicated to sharing the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ by engaging in worship, prayer, study, service and fellowship. The St. Ambrose chapter of ECW is a member of the Diocese of North Carolina.

Any woman who is a member of the Episcopal Church automatically belongs to ECW. At St. Ambrose, we welcome and encourage all women to participate in ECW at the level with which she feels comfortable. We have many ministry projects for you to find your niche.

What We Do

ECW at St. Ambrose provides the opportunity for women to learn, to serve and to have some fun. We support and partner with community organizations that support and empower women and girls, children and families.

Our partnerships include ministries at St. Ambrose and in our community. Our ongoing outreach efforts include:

  • First Night Bags: ECW provides First Night bags to Wake County Social Services twice per year. These duffle bags include basic toiletries for children in foster care, who may otherwise have to carry their belongings in garbage bags. This is an ongoing outreach project for ECW.
  • Support for FIGS (Filling in Gaps): The FIGS organization provides assistance with medical services for members of our community who are in need.
  • Habitat for Humanity: As an activity during Women’s Weekend, the women of St. Ambrose have worked on the Episcopal Build as part of the coalition to build affordable housing for families. ECW has also supported the Episcopal Build by provided lunches and volunteering.
  • Elimination of Period Poverty: This is a new project and partnership for St. Ambrose ECW. The number may vary, but approximately one in 10 girls either miss school or wear grocery bags during their menstrual cycle because their families cannot afford the basics like feminine protection. Our goal is to support existing organizations that provide feminine protection to girls in need.
  • Student Support for St. Augustine’s University: This ministry supports students by providing dorm essentials and other assistance as needed. For the 2022-23 school year, ECW provided dorm essentials for four students attending St. Augustine’s University. This included outfitting their dorm rooms with every essential item needed—and more. Three of the students came from Honduras to attend college. ECW has also provided support for students in need of housing during the winter break.
  • Support for St. Ambrose Ministries: ECW has supported other ministries and programs at St. Ambrose, including Shrove Tuesday Pancake Suppers, One Church, One School Ministry, Vacation Bible School, Sunday School and Caregivers.
  • Women’s Weekend: Each year, during the first weekend in May, the women of St. Ambrose come together to celebrate women and girls. Women’s Weekend usually includes a Saturday event, usually some type of service project, and Sunday morning service and reception. We include women of all ages in this celebration and honor our legendary sisters who have reached 80 years of age.
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month: ECW has sponsored a month of learning, celebrating survivors and honoring those who have passed during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We heard presentations on breast cancer and colorectal cancer, held a bra fitting party and created angel boards to recognize survivors and honor those who have passed.

How We Are Structured

We believe that every woman at St. Ambrose has the capacity to serve. We offer many opportunities for you to share your time and talent with our church and our community. Our current leadership structure includes a President, Vice-president, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary and Treasurer. The leadership team also includes the Presidents’ Council, comprised of presidents from the past five years, and committee chairs. This standing committees include:

  • Archives Committee: Compiles, organizes, and maintains ECW records.
  • Community Service Committee: Coordinates projects that meet the needs of St. Ambrose and our community.
  • Media Committee: Tells the ECW story using a variety of media.
  • Nominating Committee: Recruits potential candidates for ECW leadership positions.
  • Social Committee: Plans two to three events annually that allow ECW members to enjoy fellowship and bonding.
  • In Reach Committee: Supports the women of Saint Ambrose and reaching the hands of all women within Saint Ambrose to share compassion, hope, and encouragement.
  • United Thank Offering: Plans and implements the annual United Thank Offering. Through the UTO, men, women, and children nurture the habit of giving daily thanks to God through prayer and small monetary gifts. Funds raised from UTO provide grant funding to support innovative mission and ministry throughout The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion.
  • Women’s Weekend: Develops a framework for the Women’s Weekend, which is held annually during the first weekend in May.
  • Ad Hoc Prayers Warrior Team: Committed through prayer, study, and spiritual reflection to keep the women of Saint Ambrose mindful of spiritual blessings.
  • Kneeler Project: Special project to make needlepoint altar kneelers for the church..


Upcoming Events

St. Ambrose ECW has four gatherings each year for a short business meeting and some social/fun/educational activity. Food, folks and fun. Our gatherings for 2023 are scheduled for February, May, August, December. All gatherings will be held at St. Ambrose Episcopal Church, 813 Darby Street, unless otherwise noted.

Women’s Weekend is May 6 – 7, 2023. It is certain to be a weekend of spiritual inspiration, service and fun.

Standing and Ad hoc committees meet on a regular basis to plan and coordinate our many activities. Please consider signing up for one of our committees to be a partner in meeting our goals for our church and our community. If you would like to serve on one of our committees, please contact us at

Want to Stay Connected?

The ECW (Episcopal Church Women) invite you to stay connected and informed on all of the information related to our group. You can download the latest ECW Newsletter by clicking the Download Here button.

Will You Join Us?

For more information about ECW at St. Ambrose, email us at You may also call the St. Ambrose office (919-833-8055) and leave a voice message. A member of ECW will contact you.

To make a donation to one of our ministry projects, please click here. Thank you for your support.

The ECW (Episcopal Church Women) is an inclusive organization and all are welcome.

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